Blackjack Strategies

With all the blackjack strategies out there, you may be wondering which blackjack strategy you should be using for the best advantage. Compared to other casino like roulette, slot games or even lottery where there is no real strategy involved, blackjack is mainly a game of strategy.

Now if you have ever went to a casino before, then you may know most offer a blackjack tip sheet or card which you often find in the casino gift shops.

These cards give you the basic odds and a basic form of strategies to use and when you should apply a blackjack strategy in a certain scenario.

For example if you have two eights and the dealer has x, the blackjack strategy on the card may say split the cards.

If you are not familiar with this strategy, then know it is simply turning one hand of identical cards into two and possibly three or more if the same card continues to come out.

For example you get two eights, split the eights, then receive another eight, you can keep splitting usually in most casinos. This means now applying a simple strategy of knowing when to split cards is a great advantage and simple to learn.

Another major blackjack strategy is to always play like the dealers face down card is always a ten. Most times no matter how many decks in play, you will find the dealer ends up with a face card or a ten card face down. The other blackjack strategy like we spoke about in the other article is to play like the dealer. For example at almost all casinos, the dealer must continue to hit until reaches seventeen or higher. So if they have sixteen, they must hit.

The dealer must stay on seventeen or higher meaning that you can use this same blackjack strategy to increase your odds.

Blackjack Strategy pays out

Blackjack is one of the best games to play for players advantage. If you know one blackjack strategy or a few blackjack strategies, then you can really take your game to another level. You might have seen the movie twenty one.

This is a movie where people from a certain college go to Vegas on the weekend and count cards. This blackjack strategy is well known, but not applied the same by everyone.

People that have tried counting cards in the past started with machines and then progressed into mind strategies.

Using card counting as a blackjack strategy can be a very huge advantage and frowned upon by casinos.Check out what happened to the MIT blackjack team!

Just know using this blackjack strategy is not illegal if doing with your mind versus a computer or card counting machine.

Most times when casinos suspect that this person is card counting, then they will ask them to leave. If you do learn this technique, then make sure you learn from someone who is experienced and plays the game now so you have the up to date blackjack strategies to take your level of winning to the next.